Kalliwoda, Johann Wenzel


German violinist and composer; a good representative of the Prague violin school as directed by F. W. Pixis. He was born at Prague and studied at the Conservatory as a pupil of Pixis, Tomaschek and Dionys Weber. He played in the town band for a while, and then went to Munich, where he succeeded in making such a favorable impression on Prince Furstenberg that he became his Court conductor at Donaueschingen, and held the position until 1853, when he retired. He died at Carlsruhe. His playing was more remarkable for polish and fine technique than for any great depth of sentiment or feeling. His compositions were in keeping with his musical style. He wrote two operas, Blanda, and Prinzessin Christine; seven symphonies; overtures; fantasias; concertos; and a few songs, among them the well-known Deutsches Lied. Some of his compositions have been praised by Schumann.