Kahn, Robert


Teacher and composer; was born at Mannheim, where he attended the Gymnasium and studied music under Vmcenz Lachner. In 1882 he went to the High School at Berlin and studied with Kiel and Ruddorf, and in 1885 became the pupil of Rheinberger and Schwartz at the Conservatory of Munich. Living several years in Vienna he profited greatly by an intimate friendship with Brahms. Later he moved to Berlin, where he was associated with Joachim, and in 1891 to Leipsic, where he founded a Ladies' Choral Union. In 1893 he became teacher of composition, theory, and ensemble-playing in the Berlin Hochschule, a position which  he is still filling. His compositions consist of three violin sonatas; four piano quartets; four piano trios; several works for chorus; and a number of songs for one or more voices.