Kade, Otto


Musical editor, historian, composer and conductor. He was born at Dresden, and studied with J. Otto, Hauptmann and J. G. Schneider. He went to Italy and made a study of ancient vocal music, when he returned starting a mixed choir, called the Cacilien-Verein, for its performance. In 1860 he accepted the position of Grand Ducal Musical director, and was palace choir-conductor and singingteacher at the Gymnasiums. He gave up this post in 1894. He edited a Cantionale and Choralbuch for the church, and assisted Eitner in other important editorial work. In 1862 he began a work on the famous musicians of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, a labor of twenty years, in which he took up thirty-five composers. In 1892 he published a volume on the Passion Compositions of the Sixteenth Century, and in 1896 his Catalogue of the Grand-Ducal Musical Collection appeared. His own musical compositions may be found in his Cantionale. He retired in 1893, and died seven years later at Doberan, near Rostock.