Jones, Robert

Prolific English composer, poet and noted lutenist of the Elizabethan Age. Took the degree of Bachelor of Music from Oxford in 1597. He 'resided in London and published his First Booke of Ayres, in which appeared Farewell, Deere Love, quoted by Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, also a Second Booke of Songs and Ayres containing My Love Bound Me With a Kiss. Both these songs are found in Smith's Musica Antiqua. These works were followed by the First set of Madrigals; Ultimum Vale, the Third Booke of Ayres, a copy of which is in the Royal College of Music; a Musicall Dreame or the Fourth Booke of Ayres; The Muses' Gardin for Delight or the Fifth Booke of Ayres. Also wrote Faire Oriana,  Semming to Wink at Folly, for Morley's Triumphs of Oriana, and three pieces published in Leighton's Teares or Lamentacions of a Sorrowfull Soule in 1614. Some of his songs are also found in a collection of Sacred Music for four and five voices, in the British Museum, and the words to many of them were published by Bullen in his Lyrics from Elizabethan Song Books and More Lyrics.