Jones, Edward


Called Bardy Brenin, or the King's bard. Born at Llanderfel, Merionethshire. He and one of his brothers were taught by their father to play the Welsh harp. Edward went to London in 1775 and in 1783 was made bard to the Prince of Wales. Published Musical and Poetical Relics of Welsh Bards and The Bardic Museum of Primitive British Literature. He died in London. Is also the author of Cheshire Melodies; Lyric Airs, consisting of specimens of Greek, Albanian, Walachian, Turkish, Arabian, Persian, Chinese and Moorish melodies; The Minstrel's Serenade; Musical Miscellany; Terpsichore's Banquet; Maltese Melodies; a Choice Collection of Italian Songs; Musical Remains of Handel, Bach, Abel, etc; and Trifles for Beginners on the Harp.