Ivanov, Michael Mikhailovich


Prolific Russian composer and musical critic; born in Moscow. Studied in St. Petersburg at the Institute of Technology until 1867, when he returned to Moscow. There under Tschaikowsky and Dubuque he took lessons in harmony and piano. At the end of a year he went to Rome, where he became acquainted with Liszt. On returning to Russia, in 1876, he began to write musical criticisms, for which he is best known. He has translated a work by Hanslick, The Beautiful in Music; written books and papers pertaining to music, and is now a weekly contributor to  the Novoe Vremya. His works, nearly all performed but not published, are two operas, Sabawa, and The Feast of Potemkin; a symphony, A Night in May; a symphonic prologue, Savonarola; three suites; and a requiem. Some cantatas and pianomusic are also attributed to him.