Ippolitov-Ivanov, Michael Mikhailovich


Contemporary Russian composer. Born at Gatchina; the son of a mechanic in the Royal service. He took a course in the St. Petersburg Conservatory, studying composition under Rimsky-Korsakow. Upon finishing his course he was given the directorship of the Music School, and charge of the Symphony concerts at Tifis. After thorough preparation and a careful study of the Caucasian races he wrote a book entitled, On the National Songs of Georgia, considered authority on Georgian music. In 1893 he became connected with the Conservatory of Moscow, and until 1898 led the Choral Society in that city, becoming- conductor of the Moscow Private Opera in 1899. He has written many songe and choruses with both piano and orchestral accompaniments, among them a Coronation cantata; an overture, Yar-khmel; Caucasian sketches; a Characteristic Suite; and other orchestra works; the operas, Ruth, Asra, and Assya; and piano and string quartets.