Gung'l, Joseph


Popular Hungarian composer of marches and dance-music; was born at Zsambek, Hungary. He began as a school-teacher, but being apt at music, and receiving some lessons from Semann at Buda, he was attracted to a military life and became oboist and later bandmaster in the Austrian army, and toured Germany with his band, performing for the most part his own compositions. In 1843 he gathered together an orchestra or band at Berlin, and traveled with it, visiting America in 1849. On his return he was appointed musicdirector for the King of Prussia, and in 1858 bandmaster to a regiment of Austrian infantry. From 1864 to 1876 he lived in Munich, and in the latter year removed to Frankfort. With his band he visited almost every large city in Europe. His dancemusic rivaled that of Strauss in popularity. After the Hungarian March, his first work, he wrote over three hundred marches and dances. Gun l is said  to have been the pioneer in his particular field, his band being the first to travel for the purpose of giving concerts and to exhibit the heretofore latent possibilities of the military band as a dispenser of pleasure, aside from its place in the army.