Guerrero, Francisco

About 1528-1599

Noted representative of the early Spanish School of composers; was born at Seville, and after some lessons from his elder brother studied under Morales. About 1546 he was appointed chapelmaster of the Cathedral of Jaen. It is said that he became a singer in the Cathedral at Seville about 1550, where he was finally made chapelmaster, in 1554. In 1558 he made a journey to Jerusalem, an account of w hich was published after his death, in 1611. He lived to be eighty-one years of age. His works include Sacrae Cantiones; a Magnificat; a collection, Liber I Missarum, containing nine masses, and many motets. Less important works were some motet collections published in Venice; a book of Masses; the Passion according to St. Matthew, for Palm Sunday, and the Passion according to St. John, for Good Friday. His works are well known in his native country, but are seldom heard elsewhere.