Grutzmacher, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig


Distinguished violoncellist and composer; born at Dessau; was the son of a musician, and showed talent at an early age. At Dessau he studied cello under Drechsler, and theory under F. Schneider, and at sixteen went to Leipsic, where he was fortunate enough to attract the attention of David, and the next year was appointed first cellist and soloist of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, and a teacher in the Conservatory. In 1860 he became chamber-virtuoso to the King of Saxony in Dresden, and afterward made many concert tours, playing in most of the large cities of Northern Europe and appearing a number of times in London. His compositions are chiefly for cello, including concertos, variations, solos, and studies, the last of especial value, being used in the Conservatory of Leipsic; also orchestral and chambermusic; and songs. Besides, he had edited numerous collections of standard works, such as Beethoven's Sonatas for Violoncello and Piano, and revived some works of worth that had been shelved. Among his pupils were several cellists of note, including Bruckner, Fitzenhagen, and his younger brother, Leopold Grützmacher, for years first cello of the Court Orchestra at Meiningen, and later at Weimar.