Fumagalli, Adolfo


Italian composer and pianist, born at Inzago. He composed much brilliant piano music and many songs, which are unusually tuneful and beautiful. He was a pupil at the Milan Conservatory of Angeleri and gave his first concert in that city in 1848, next visiting Turin and Paris, and going from there to Belgium in 1854. He wrote a fantasia on I Puritani, others on La Favorita, Lucia di Lammermoor and Norma; also caprices; tarantellas and marches. His Les Clochettes, for drawing-room, with orchestra, was popular for a time. He died at Florence. Ftunagalli's brothers, Disma, Polibio and Luca, were also pianists, the last named, born in 1837, being the best known. An opera of his, entitled Luijji XL, was produced at the Pergola Theatre, Florence.