Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk


Dramatic composer, who was born at Frauenthal, Styria, and was a pupil of Sechter in Vienna. He has held positions of importance at various theatres in Presburg, Cologne, Leipsic and Hamburg. He became chapelmaster at the Opera, Presburg, in 1864, then acted in the same capacity at different theatres, last in Cologne, Hamburg and Leipsic, and since 1880 at the Imperial Opera, Vienna. In 1894 he was appointed director of the Vienna Conservatory. Fuchs' opera, Zingara, was given at Brünn, Moravia, in 1872. He wrote additional accompaniments to Handel's Almira, for representation at Hamburg and revised Schubert's Alfonso and Estrella and Gluck's Der Betrogene Kadi, for Vienna.