Friedlander, Max


Distinguished concert singer and writer on musical subjects; born at Brieg, Silesia; was a pupil of Manuel Garcia of London and of J. Stockhausen of Frankfort. Friedlander made his debut in 1880 at the London Monday Popular concerts, was again heard in London at the Crystal Palace concerts in 1884 and rapidly  rose to great fame as a barytone singer. He resided at Frankfort from 1881 until 1883 and since then at Berlin, where he has been a professor of music since 1894. In 1882 the University of Breslau conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. He has edited a new and complete edition of the songs of Schubert with a supplement of variants and wrote also a biography of the great song composer, proving himself an exceptionally clever investigator on musical subjects. He has written a series of songs and has published various readings of the words to Schubert's songs, and those of Schumann and Mendelssohn, and one hundred songs of other German song composers.