Franzl, Ferdinand


German violinist and composer, the son of Ignaz, Court chapelmaster at Mannheim. He was born at Schwetzingen, and was a pupil of his father, whom he greatly surpassed in later years. He entered the Court Orchestra in 1782, when only twelve years of age. Later he studied with Pleyel and Richter at Strasburg, and with Father Mattei at Bologna. Franzl accompanied his father on tours throughout Europe, visiting cities in Russia, Poland and other countries. He was cpncertmaster at Frankforton-the-Main, and a few years later director of a private orchestra at Offenbach. In 1806 he was appointed Court chapelmaster at Munich and director of the opera there, succeeding Cannabich. He retired on a pension in 1827, going to Geneva, then to Mannheim, where his death occurred. Franzl composed concertos; fantasias; variations for violin and orchestra, also string quartets and several operas, which are unimportant, His violin music, including eight concertos, double concerto for two violins and four concertinos, is spoken of highly by musicians. He also wrote symphonies, overtures and songs.