Fischer, John Abraham


A composer and violinist, born at Dunstable or London, and studied under Pinto, appearing at the King's Theatre, London, about 1763, as a violinist. The following year he became a member of the Royal Society of Musicians, and in 177  received the degrees of Bachelor and Doctor of Music from Oxford. He was twice married, first to Miss Powell, daughter of the actor, in 1770, and after her death to Anne Selina Storace, in 1784. She divorced him because of his ill-treatment of her. Following his divorce he traveled through Russia and Germany; finally settling in Dublin, where he lived many years as a teacher. He wrote principally for the theatre, and his works include music to The Sylphs, Macbeth, Prometheus, The Norwood Gypsies and the oratorio, Providence, which was given in 1778 and again in 1780. Fischer also wrote for the orchestra four concertos for hautboy, which were published by dementi; also concertos for piano; violin and flute music; canzonets and a collection of airs and glees of England, France and Italy, published in London.