Fillunger, Marie


German vocalist, who was born in Vienna, and studied under Mme. Marchesi at the Vienna Conservatory from 1869 to 1873. Following Brahm's advice she entered the Hochschule at Berlin in 1874 and remained there five years, when she went to Frankfort. Before finishing her studies in Berlin, Fraul Fillunger sang in North Germany, Holland and Switzerland, mostly in oratorio. She made her first London appearance in 1889 at a popular concert, where her rendering   of Schubert's songs won much praise. Shortly afterward she sang at a Crystal Palace concert. She has sung with success in Australia and South Africa. In 1904 she became a teacher in the Royal College of Music at Manchester, England. She resided for a number of years in London, where her services were in constant demand at all of the most important concerts. Says Grove: "Her success both in oratorio and in songs was so marked that she soon became recognized as one of the most highly accomplished singers of the best music, and it is characteristic of her that she never sang anything unworthy of the high artistic position she has won for herself, and her name will always be identified with music of the noblest class." Fraul Fillunger's greatest successes have been made in the works of Schubert, Brahms and Bach.