Fevin, Antoine de


His name is sometimes spelled Feum, and he is generally believed to be a native of Orleans, although some historians claim he was born in Spain. He is mentioned by Glareanus as a successful emulator of Josquin de Pres, and the historian declares that Fevin's modesty and diffidence matched his genius. He is generally regarded as one of the greatest musical geniuses between De Pres and Lasso. Riemann says he was a distinguished (probably a Netherlander) contrapuntist, although nothing is positively known of his life. Of his works there are preserved three masses, printed by Petrucci in 1515; others in manuscript are at Munich and Vienna, and numerous motets and French chansons are in the collections of 1540 and 1545. Three of the masses mentioned are in the English Museum, and musicians have praised especially his Sancta Trinitatus in this collection.