Farrenc, Jacques Hippolyte Aristide


French flute-player and composer, who was born in Marseilles and studied at the Paris Conservatory from 1806. He became in 1815 second flute at the Theatre Italien, Paris, and later established a music-shop, taught and composed. He first became interested in music by the writings of Fetis and for years collected material with a view to improving the then existing biographies, intending to turn them over to Fetis for use in the second edition of the latter' s great work. He wrote the biographical notices in the Trespr des Pianistes of Mme. Farrenc, his wife, who wrote for the Review of Ancient and Modern Music, and from 1854 he contributed articles to La France Musicale and other magazines. His musical composition consist of a concerto; sonatas; and variations for the flute, and he also compiled other music for that instrument. Some of Farrenc's valuable notes and unpublished  articles are among the manuscripts in the library of the Paris Conservatory.