Elvyn, Myrtle


Talented young American pianist, who after a number of years of study in Europe and several successful concert appearances there, returned in 1907 to her native country, making her American debut with the Theo- dore Thomas Orchestra at Orchestral Hall, Chicago, in October. Miss Elvyn was born in Sherman, Texas, and when a child of two years was brought to Chicago by her parents and continued to reside there for several years.

As a child she showed unusual talent and was brought to the attention of the late Carl Wolfsohn, the teacher of Mme. Bloomfield-Zeisler and Augusta Cottlow. He was so much impressed by the young girl's precocity that after teaching her himself for a number of years he sent her to study in Europe with Leopold Godowsky. Under that famous teacher's instruction she made a fine record. She developed great power as a performer, gained a most fluent technique and is already, at the age of twenty- two, considered an artist. Ten years ago Mr. Wolfsohn declared that Miss Elvyn was the most talented person he had ever met, and he predicted great triumphs for her in the near future. She remained a pupil of Godowsky five years and in 1904 made her debut as a pianist in Berlin. Musical critics praised her in the highest terms, declared her possessed of great musical gifts and intelligence, and her first recital was all that she could wish. She then studied composition for a time with Hugo Kaun and her talent in this direction was such that he advised her to give up piano-playing and devote herself exclusively to developing her gift for composing.

Since 1904 Miss Elvyn has made various tours through Europe and has played in most of the leading cities with many famous orchestras. She has been heard in London and is well liked there, and in Berlin is classed by musicians  and music-lovers among the great pianists. She plays the difficult passages in the most ponderous works with the greatest ease, has a soft tone, a splendid technique and wonderful understanding and intelligence.

In a set of eleven variations on an original theme which Miss Elvyn composed and gave at several of her concerts, she showed herself to be the possessor of a good deal of inventive power, the work being highl" original and characteristic. Miss Elvyn appeared the past season before the Emperor and Empress of Germany and the royal family, and so pleased them that the Emperor publicly complimented her and presented her with a diamond pendant. She has also appeared before the Grand  Duke and Duchess of Mecklenburg and the Imperial Crown Prince and Princess of Germany, all of whom were lavish in their praise of the young artist.

Miss Elvyn is remarkably beautiful, being tall and graceful in appearance, with a lovely face, and a most attractive and winning personality.