Ella, John


English violinist, musical director, critic and lecturer. Studied for the law; became violinist in the King's Theatre in 1822, and afterwards in the orchestras of the Concerts of Ancient Music and of the Philharmonic concerts. Studied under Attwood and Fetis at Paris, 1826 to 1829. He established the Musical Union and Musical Winter Evenings, two series of concerts; was lecturer of music at London Institution, 1855, and directed the Musical Union from 1845 to 1880; he also contributed musical notices to several leading periodicals in London. He is the author of Lectures on Dramatic Music; Musical Education Abroad and at Home; and Musical Sketches Abroad and at Home. From 1845 to 1878 were published the Records of Musical Union, consisting of analytical program notes, biographies, etc. The analytical programs were made up of remarks on the structure of works performed and the periods and rank of the composers, resembling somewhat those of the modern musical club.