Eibenschutz, Ilona


Cousin of the foregoing and a wellknown concert pianist. Was born in Budapest, and played in public as a child prodigy, traveling through a number of European countries before she was ten years old, and also studying in the meantime under Hans Schmitt at the Vienna Conservatory. She afterward spent four years under Clara Schumann; played to many noted musicians of that time, and in 1890 appeared in a concert at Cologne, in the Leipsic Gewandhaus, and the Richter concerts in Vienna. In 1891 she scored her first London success, playing Schumann's Symphonic Studies and in a Beethoven sonata for piano and cello with Patti. From this time until her marriage in 1902, she appeared often before the London public and was regarded with high favor. During the last six years of Brahms' life, she was a close friend of this great composer, thus acquiring an intimate knowledge of his later compositions which, with her excellent musicianship and artistic powers, renders her especially capable of their interpretation.