Ehrlich, Alfred Heinrich


Hungarian pianist and writer, who was born in Vienna. He studied piano with Henselt and Thalberg, and composition with Sechter. Was Court pianist to King George V., at Hanover, for several years, and from 1855 to 1857 lived for short periods at Wiesbaden, London and Frankfort. In 1862 he went to Berlin, and two years later became connected with the Stern Conservatory, where he taught piano until 1872, later resuming the work from 1886 to 1898. The well-known composer Dreyschock, was one of his pupils, and so was Emil Liebling, well-known in this country. Ehrlich composed a few works for the piano, comprising Concertsttick in Ungarischer Weise; vari ations on an Original Theme; and some studies; but his reputation is greater as an author and critic. He was a man of versatile talents, and while in Hanover was political correspondent to the Allgemeine Zeitung and later musical critic for several Berlin periodicals. He wrote musical novels, and a number of works on musical aesthetics.