Duschek, Franz


His name is sometimes spelled Dussek. He was a member of the same family as the great pianist and composer, J. L. Duschek. He was born at Chotiebor, in Bohemia, and studied first with his father, and later under Habermann. His general education was carried on at the Jesuit Seminary at Koniggratz, but after a fall, from the effects of which he became a cripple, Duschek turned to music. He was sent to Prague, and later to Vienna, and he became a great pianist, composer and teacher. Mozart highly esteemed and loved him, and it is said that in Duschek's villa, near Prague, Mozart put the finishing touches to his opera, Don Giovanni. Very seldom is any of Duschek's music heard nowadays, although he wrote a great deal of more than ordinary merit. Among his works are piano sonatas for four hands; chamber-music; symphonies; concertos; quartets; and many songs.