Duport, Jean Louis


The younger of the two eminent violoncellists, the brothers Dupont, was born in Paris. He appeared first in public at the Concerts Spirituels, and was musician to Charles IV., the exKing of Spain, at Marseilles in 1806. Returning to Paris, in 1812, he was soon regarded as the foremost French cellist of his time. He joined the Imperial Orchestra and was made a professor in the Conservatory. He joined his brother, Jean Pierre, at the outbreak of the Revolution, and played in the King's band. He composed six cello concertos; sonatas; duos; airs; nine nocturnes for harp and cello and wrote an essay for the fingering of the violoncello and the guidance of the bow, with a suite of exercises for the student. His violoncello was bought by Franchomme, who paid the immense sum of 25,000 francs for it.