Dupont, Auguste


A Belgian composer and pianist, who was born at Ensival, near Liege, and studied principally at the Liege Conservatory. He was appointed piano professor of the Brussels Conservatory in 1850. He has written some beautiful piano-music, showing a thorough knowledge of the instrument; his ballads, barcarolles and studies being graceful and poetical and equaled by few living composers. Among his more important works are La Pensee, an etude; serenade; concerto; a set of songs, entitled Poeme d'amour; Reminiscences Pastorales; barcarolle, Reverie; ballads; string quartets; six Morceaux Caracteristiques, and a concertstück. His set of songs have been much praised and are especially melodious and original. Dupont died at Brussels. His younger brother, Joseph, became famous as an operatic conductor, holding posts at various European theatres, and died at Brussels a year before Auguste's death occurred.