Dunham, Henry Morton


A prominent virtuoso and composer for the organ. He was born at Brockton, Mass., studied at the New England Conservatory of Music, under George E. Whiting, and later was instructed in counterpoint  y John K. Paine. After graduating from that institution he entered the Boston University College of Music. He gave a series of recitals on the great organ in Boston, and has been heard in many of the Boston churches and also in other New England cities. On his return from Europe, in 1878, he was appointed a member of the faculty of the New England Conservatory and is teacher of organ there at the present time. He was also connected with the Boston University College of Music for a time. He has published many compositions and written many text-books. Among the former are two organ sonatas in F minor and G minor; marches; preludes; a capriccio brillante for piano; a Te Deum in D; and hymn music in three books. He is also the author of an Organ School in four books; a system of technique for the piano; exercises in pedal playing; and melodious studies for the organ.