Dotzauer, Justus Johann Friedrich


He was born at Hildburghausen, Germany, and was an accomplished player and teacher of the violoncello. He pursued his musical studies under Gleichmann, Henschkel and Rtittinger and at Meiningen under Kriegck. From 1801 to 1805 he was a member of the Court band there. He was engaged for Dresden's Court band, and, in 1821, became first cellist of that organization, working zealously there till 1852. He received a pension and later taught a number of pupils, who afterwards distinguished themselves, among them, K. Schuberth, K. Drechsler and Ludwig Dotzauer, his son. He composed concertos; variations; and duets for the cello; also symphonies; overtures; masses; an opera, Graziosa; and a violoncello method which is highly esteemed by teachers. He also edited Bach's six sonatas for violoncello.