Door, Anton


He was born in Vienna and became a celebrated pianist and teacher. He studied piano under Czerny and composition under Sechter. He has been heard in concerts in many parts of Europe and has held many important posts. He gave a series of concerts in Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden in 1850 and later with L. Strauss in Italy, made a Scandinavian tour in 1856 and was appointed Court pianist at Stockholm and a member of the Royal Academy. In 1859 he succeeded N. Rubinstein as teacher at the Imperial Institute at Moscow, and became a professor at the Conservatory of Moscow in 1864. He traveled through Eastern Hungary with Sarsate in 1877, and also played in Leipsic, Berlin and Amsterdam with striking success. Since 1869 he has held the post of professor of the highest piano class in the Vienna Conservatory. Door is a progressive musician and has brought out many new works by Raff, Brahms and SaintSaens. He has also edited several important works and was the instructor of a number of well-known musicians, among them Felix Mottl, the great Wagnerian conductor, Sichel and others.