Devienne, François


A flutist, bassoonist and composer of considerable renown, who was born at Joinville, Haute-Marne, France. He occupied various positions during his lifetime. Was a member of the Swiss Guards band, a professor at the Paris Conservatory and also bassoonplayer in the Theatre de Monsieur in 1788. Among his works are about ten operas; many concerto pieces for wind-instruments; overtures for wind; concertos; quartets; trios; and sonatas for flute, piano and other instruments. He also wrote a Methode de Flute, published in 1795, which is considered valuable and which went through many editions. Devienne died in an insane asylum at Charenton. Says Baker: "He was an extraordinarily prolific composer of peculiar importance from the impulse which he gave to perfecting the technique of windinstruments.