Delle Sedie, Enrico


Barytone singer, who enjoyed a high reputation for many years and Mvho was later an excellent teacher of singing. He was born at Leghorn and was a pupil of Galeffi, Persanola and Domeniconi and was deeply interested in music, but revolutionary troubles caused him to give it up for a time. He was imprisoned because of participation in some political intrigue in 1848 and after his release took up again his vocal studies, making his debut as a singer at Florence in 1851 in Verdi's Nabucco. Delle Sedie appeared in all the chief Italian cities and then was engaged at the Theatre Italien, at Paris, and was later appointed a teacher at the Paris Conservatory. He published a number of works on the art of singing, of which, Vocal Art and A Complete Method of Singing, were translated into English and later combined into one complete Method of Singing.