Davide, Giovanni


A son of Giacomo Davide. He became an operatic singer and a vocalist of renown, and was said, in spite of defects and the want of good taste in singing, to carry his hearers off their feet by the prodigious volume and great sweetness of his vocal organ. He made his debut at Brescia in 1810 and appeared later in the chief cities of Italy, singing in several of Rossini's operas. The composer is said to have written roles in Otello, La Donna del Lago and Ermione for him. He was engaged by Barbaja, director of opera in Naples, Milan, Bologna and Vienna, and sang in these cities from 1831 to 1841 with great success. In 1829 he appeared in London for the first time. He founded a school of singing in Naples and this not being a success he accepted the position of manager of the St. Petersburg Opera, and died in that city in 1851.