Dalcroze, Emile Jacques


Swiss composer, who was born in Vienna, of Swiss parents, and who have lived in Geneva since 1873. He pursued his studies under Bruckner of Vienna, worked on orchestration under Delibes at Paris, and was also a pupil of R. Fuchs of Vienna. He has occupied the posts of lecturer, critic, professor of harmony and head of the solfeggia class at the Conservatory of Geneva and has composed all classes of music. His songs have been extremely popular in Switzerland, Germany, and Holland and his string-quartets are well thought of by musicians. Among his more important works are La Veillee, for solos, chorus and orchestra; Jenie, a lyric comedy; Sancho Panza, also a lyric comedy; and a violin concerto, which was the cause of much discussion among musicians because of its departure from the usual rules of form.