Dalberg, Johann Friedrich Hugo von


Pianist, composer and writer, who was born at Aschaffenburg, Germany, and studied at Gottingen, and later held ecclesiastical appointments at Coblentz, Treves and Worms. He wrote a number of works on Oriental music, didactic works and compositions for the piano and also played on that instrument excellently. The most important of his works are the cantatas, Jesus auf Golgotha; Eva's Klagen, a German version of Pope's poem, The Dying Christian to His Soul; a quartet for piano and windinstruments; sonatas for the piano, with and without violin; also several books of songs. Dalberg was the author of a number of literary works and translated Sir William Jones' treatise on Indian Music, entitled The Musical Modes of the Hindus, published in 1802. Dalberg died in the town where he was born.