Dalayrac, Nicolas


Famous French composer, whose works were among the most popular in Paris at the close of the Eighteenth Century, although they are now seldom heard. He was born at Muret, France, and was originally intended for the bar, but he  went to Paris and became a commissioned officer in the guards of Count d'Artois, in 1774. His musical studies were pursued under Langle and Caffarp. His first effort in the operatic line was Le Petit Souper, produced in 1781 at the French Court, and which was such a success that the young composer wrote, shortly afterward, L'ficlipse Totale, for the Opera Comique. This did much to give him a definite place in the musical world. Other works that are worthy of note are Le Corsaire; Azemia; and Nina, which last was performed two years after his death. He was honored by his country with the appointment as a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.