Chladni, Ernst Florens Friedrich


Born at Wittenberg. He was a noted lecturer and the originator of many inventions for musicians and has been called " The father of modern acoustics." He was at first a student and professor of law at Wittenberg and Leipsic, but turned to physics, for which he had a natural aptitude. He did not begin the study of music until he was nineteen. The domain of acoustics appealed particularly to him and he made highly important researches in that field, and among other inventions, the Clavicylinder (steel rod keyboard harmonica) and glass reed harmonica are ascribed to him. He wrote voluminously on the subject of acoustics and delivered many scientific lectures. In 1802 he published a treatise on his favorite subject, which attracted the attention of scientists and musicians in all parts of the world. Upon his introduction to Napoleon, in 1808, the Emperor presented him with six thousand francs, to defray the expenses of having his work translated into French. It was published in 1809. After that its author resumed his travels and lectures. He died at Breslau, and left behind him at least fourteen books on the subject of acoustics.