Butt, Clara


Celebrated English contemporary singer. She possesses a rich contralto voice, an unusually fine stage presence, and in her later work has given admirable interpretations. She was born at Southwick, Sussex, and studied at Bristol with Daniel Rootham. When she was sixteen she gained a scholarship at the Royal College of Music, London, and here was a pupil of J. H. Blower. She made her formal debut at Albert Hall, London, singing the part of Ursula in The Golden Legend, and very shortly afterward sang the part of Orpheus in a pupil's performance at the Lyceum Theatre. She was very warmly received, immediately found herself a success, and received proffers of engagements from all sides. Presently realizing the need of further training she went to Paris, placed herself under Jacques Bouhy, and had some lessons of Madame Gerster. She has enjoyed eminent success in Elgar's Sea Pictures, written especially for her. Other special music written for her are the compositions, Triumph of Alcestis by Frederick Cliffe and Juliet by Herbert Bedford. In 1900 she married Mr. Kennerley Rumford, with whom she has been associated professionally.