Breville, Pierre Onfroy de


A French composer of the modern school, a pupil and disciple of Cesar Franck. He was born at Bar-le-Duc. His interest in music turned him from following a diplomatic career to devotion to art. He entered the Paris Conservatory, where he studied under Theodore Dubois and then under Franck. The opera, Ghiselle, left unfinished by Franck, was completed by de Breville, Coquard, Rousseau, d'Indy and Chausson. His compositions include much church music, works for the organ, and vocal and instrumental pieces. Grove says of him: "If he cannot yet be numbered among the most illustrious of Franck's pupils, de Breville has shown such constant sincerity and artistic earnestness, that his compositions are highly esteemed by all who appreciate the modern French school."