Bonvin, Ludwig


Contemporary Swiss composer, organist and chorister, at present orchestra-director at Canisus College, Buffalo, New York. He was born at Siders, Switzerland. Was the son of a physician, studied in the college at Sitten, and later began medical studies in Vienna. As a musician he is chiefly self-taught, with the exception of piano lessons during the college days in Sitten. In 1874 he entered the order of Jesuits in Holland, and in England, in 1885, was ordained priest. For about six years he served as organist, in various houses of the order in Holland and England. Father Bonvin came to America in 1887, and from that year to 1905 held the post of choir-director at Canisius College, and then became director of the orchestra. He is the author of vocal and instrumental compositions. His works for voice include choruses, both sacred and secular, songs, and duets with orchestra. Among the instrumental compositions are three tonepoems for organ, a symphony, and several orchestral pieces.