Blewitt, Jonathan

About 1780-1853

English organist, composer and director, son of Jonas Blewitt, a wellknown organist of the latter part of the Eighteenth Century. He was born in London about 1780, studied under his father and under Battishill, and for awhile served as his father's assistant. He held several London appointments, was organist at Brecon, later at Sheffield, and in 1811 went to Ireland as private organist to Lord Cahir. He remained in Ireland a number of years, held the post of organist at St. Andrew's, Dublin, and was composer and music-director to the Theatre Royal in Dublin. He was a popular teacher and conductor in that city. In 1813 the Duke of Leinster appointed him grand organist to the Masonic body of Ireland. In 1825, Blewitt returned to London, became music-director at Sadler's Wells Theatre, brought out several stage pieces, and wrote music for pantomimes, operas and Irish ballads, the latter of which were quite popular. He was a very good singer in addition to his other talents, and also a pianist.