Blaramberg, Paul


A Russian composer. Paul Blaramberg was born at Orenburg, received his education at the Alexandrovsky School in St. Petersburg and served in the Statistical Bureau central service until 1870, when he withdrew to go into journalistic work. For a time he was editor of the Moskow Russische Zeitung. Coming under the influence of Balakirev, the inspiring teacher and leader in the new school of Russian music, Blaramberg, who previously had written music, entered seriously upon his musical career, after a brief season of study with Balakirev, he produced the opera, Mary of Burgundy. He is the author of a national comic opera, The Mummers; a one-act opera, The Roussalka Maiden; music to a national opera, the subject of which is taken from a play by Ostrovsky; several folk-songs and songs; and other compositions.  Of Blaramberg's earlier work mention should be made of the cantata, The Demon, the Tartar dances, which compositions were very much admired, and very popular.