Bird, Henry Richard


Contemporary English organist, who has won special distinction as an accompanist and who for several years was official accompanist of the Popular concerts. At an early age, he appeared as an organist, having enjoyed a period of study under Thurle, with whom he made progress in various branches. He came to London, in 1859, served as organist at St. Mark's, Pentonville and Holy Trinity and also filled the post of organist at Chelsea and at St. Gabriel's, Pimlico. In 1872 he assumed the duties of his long service at St. Mary Abbotts in Kensington. In Chelsea, his rare skill as accompanist came to the fore, and in Kensington he began association with the distinguished singer, Mr. Plunket Greene, whose regular accompanist he became. Mr. Bird was engaged, in 1891, as regular accompanist for the Popular concerts and held this unusual post until reorganization made its various changes. In 1896 he became a member of the staff of the Royal College of Music. London.