Bertini, Henri


Brilliant pianist and talented composer, who belonged to a very musical Italian family, his father and older brother being also musicians. Born in London, he studied first under his father and afterward under his older brother Auguste, who was a pupil of dementi. Henri began playing in public very early and at twelve was taken on a concert tour through the Netherlands and Germany by his father. After studying some time longer in Paris, he made visits to England and Scotland, but returned to Paris, in 1821, and remained there until 1856, when he retired to his villa at Meylan near Grenoble, where he lived in seclusion until his death. His best known works are his etudes for the piano, which are noted for their technical construction, their fine harmony and beautiful melody and which are very valuable for study. He also wrote many other piano compositions, a number of pieces for piano and strings and piano and wind-instruments, also three symphonies for piano and orchestra.