Benincori, Angelo Maria


Italian dramatic composer. Author of several operas, his quartets are considered his best work. He was an excellent musician but with difficulty earned enough to pay for bare subsistence, and when positive success seemed near, died before its fulfilment. Just six weeks after his death the opera, Aladin, left unfinished by Isouard and completed by Benincori, met with a very enthusiastic reception. The story of Benincori's life from his youth on is a record of need and disheartening struggle. He was born in Brescia, and after a course of musical training went with his brother, also a musician, to Spain. The brother died there, and Benincori, left without resources, returned to Italy. In Italy he brought out the opera Nitteti, which was later produced in Vienna. In this city, meeting with Haydn, Benincori became so enthusiastic over Haydn's quartets that for a considerable period he wrote quartets exclusively. In Paris, whither he went in 1803, Benincori had two operas accepted, but these were never performed; and three operas that were brought out proved unsuccessful. He died at Pans, December 30, 1821, and the opera Aladin met its enthusiastic reception February 6, 1882.  Benincori left behind considerable music in manuscript form.