Benelli, Antonio Peregrino


Italian singer, writer and composer He is the author of considerable church music and some chamber music, but his most worthy work is his Vocal Method, published in 1819, and his Solfeggi. As a dramatic tenor he was very well considered, and later as a teacher. Benelli was born at Forli, studied under Martini's successor, Mattel, and, it is thought, had for a time the benefit of the instruction of Padre Martini himself. Benelli made his first appearance at the San Carlo Theatre, Naples, where he created a very good impression, and in London was well received. He then went to Germany, and for twenty-one years was established at Dresden. In 1822, his voice failing, he was retired with a pension. On his retirement, the distinguished Italian composer, Spontini, secured for him a position as teacher of singing at the Royal Theatre School, Berlin, from which position he was dismissed in 1829, the dismissal following a violent attack made by him on Spontini in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung, to which organ he was a contributor. Benelli's last days were spent in poverty.