Bendix, Max


Great contemporary American violinist, of broad musicianship and wonderful technique. He was born at Detroit, Michigan, and at the age of eight made his first public appearance as a soloist, being considered a wonderful child. In 1878 he played violin in an orchestra under the direction of Theodore Thomas at the Cincinnati May Musical Festival, and in 1879 became one of the first violinists in the Thomas Orchestra. In 1880 he was appointed concertmaster with Maratzek at Cincinnati, later serving as concertmaster with the McCall Opera Company of Philadelphia, and also with the Germania Symphony Orchestra of that city. The season of 18851886 he was with Anton Seidl in German Opera in New York and this same year was soloist and concertmaster with the Van der Stucken Orchestra in New York. Following a tour as concertmaster and soloist with the Thomas Orchestra, he accepted the appointment, in 1888, of first professor in the violin department of the Cincinnati College of Music. After a year spent abroad in travel and study, he officiated as concertmaster with the Thomas Orchestra at the Cincinnati Festival of 1890, and the following year accompanied the orchestra on its farewell tour. When the famous organization was transferred to Chicago he received the appointment as concertmaster soloist and assistant conductor, and occupied this post from 1891 to 1896, winning a very large circle of friends and admirers. Max Bendix, on Theodore Thomas' resignation, was unanimously elected conductor of the Theodore Thomas World's Fair Orchestra and President of the World's Fair Orchestral Association. In 1897-1898, the famous ensemble, Ysaye, Marteau, Bendix, Gerardy and Lachaume made a transcontinental tour. On Bendix's return, he organized the Bendix String Quartet, which gave subscription concerts in New York, and later throughout the East. Max Bendix was conductor of the St. Louis World's Fair Orchestra, in 1904, was engaged in 1905 for the Wagner operas at the New York Metropolitan Opera House, in 1907 was concertmaster and assistant conductor of the Manhattan Opera Company and conducted the Sunday night concerts and opera at the Manhattan Opera House. As a teacher, quartet player, soloist and conductor he is renowned.