Becker, Ludwig


Contemporary German violinist, who now resides in America. He plays first violin in the Thomas Orchestra, Chicago, and is head of the violin department of the Bush Temple Conservatory, Chicago. He was born at Kronenberg, Germany, and at the age of six showed a great love for the violin and under a local teacher made rapid progress in the study of this instrument. At the age of fourteen he was awarded a five years' scholarship at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory in Frankfort, and here was a pupil of Professor Hugo Heermann. At the age of sixteen he played first violin at the Museum concerts in Frankfort under the direction of Brahms, Richard Strauss, Motl, Weingartner and Kogel, and later held the post of concertmaster at Kroll's Theatre, Berlin. In 1896 he left Berlin for America, having accepted Theodore Thomas' invitation to fill the position of first violinist with the Thomas Orchestra. He was appointed second concertmaster of this organization in 1904, and f or several seasons has appeared as soloist with the famous orchestra.