Bazzini, Antonio


Noted Italian violinist and composer. Studied at Milan and at seventeen was director of music at the Church of St. Filippo, Brescia, for which he wrote masses and vespers. In 4836 he played for Paganini, who advised him to travel. This he did, from 1840 to 1845, visiting most of the European countries with great success. When he visited Leipsic he staid some, time, becoming very enthusiastic over German music. From 1852 to 1864 Bazzini lived in Paris, where he gave many concerts, also visiting England during this time. In 1864 he returned to Brescia and gave his entire time to composition. He was appointed professor of composition at the Conservatory of Milan in 1873, and was made director of that school in 1883. Bazzini's compositions are rather unique, in combining the grace and melody of Italian music with the thoroughness and harmony of the German. He wrote an opera, Turandot, which was unsuccessful; two cantatas, The Resurrection of Christ, and Senacheribo; made beautiful settings of a number of songs; wrote overtures to Saul and King Lear; composed a symphonic poem, Francesco da Rimini; and also much music for the violin and stringed instruments. Among these last are probably his best work, his three quartets and a quintet for strings.