Basili, Francesco


Italian composer and chapelmaster. His father was chapelmaster at Loreto, and he also was a composer. Francesco was born at Loreto, and on the death of his father went to Rome to continue the study of music. In Rome he was a pupil of the famous church composer and papal chapelmaster, Jannaconi. While still very young, Basili became chapelmaster at Foligno, and later was conductor at Macerata and Loreto. In 1827, he was appointed director of the Milan Conservatory, and in 1837 was called to St. Peter's, Rome, as chapelmaster, a post he held thirteen years, the remainder of his life. Basili wrote many and various compositions; much church music, psalms, motets, masses, a Miserere, an oratorio, and a Requiem for Jannaconi, and other works; symphonies; songs; and music for the piano; and was the author of many operas. Biographers are given to dwelling on the fact that Basili, while director of the Milan Conservatory, refused admission to Verdi, on the ground that the latter lacked the special aptitude requisite for the gift of a scholarship.