Banchieri, Adriano

About 1567-1634

Italian composer, theorist, organist and poet. He was born at Bologna, and died in the convent of San Bernardo at Bologna. Concerning the year of his birth, biographers are in doubt, but it was about 1567. He wrote music for both church and theatre, masses, sacred concertos, madrigals, and canzonets. He was great also in the department of theory, and has left behind several theoretical pamphlets, L'Organo Suonarino being perhaps the most important. In his Cartella Musicale is put forth a project for the founding of an academy of science and art in his monastery at Bologna. He was organist of S. Michele in Bosca, near Bologna, was organist of Santa Maria in Regolo, and at Monte Oliveto became  abbot. This man of varied distinguished attainments wrote comedies. These were written under the name of Camillo Scaligeri della Fratta.