Bache, Francis Edward



English composer and pianist. Bache was a very highly talented musician, who died in the midst of a most promising career. He showed musical talent very early. Studied with the best teachers in London, Dresden and Leipsic, on the piano, organ and violin. His ability for work was far beyond his physical strength and his health broke down in 1855 to such an extent that he went to Algiers and later to Rome, but returned to England in 1857 and died of consumption in 1858. His compositions, all written before his twenty-fifth year, proved that had he lived he would have undoubtedly been one of England's greatest musical artists. He wrote, beside two operas which have never been published, many compositions for the piano; several orchestral works; some pieces for violin and piano; and many songs, some of which are worthy to stand with those of Schubert and Schumann.